Hi. I¹m Luiz Carlos Big, art director.

When you have some time, please take a look at my work. I worked in agencies such as FCB, Z+G Grey, Young & Rubicam, Neogama/bbh with accounts like Mitsubishi, Ford, Sky, D&D Shopping, Gradiente, Bank Boston, Bradesco and Grupo Pão de Açúcar. In all those agencies, I have held as an art director, although I was always recognized as a guy specialized in design and differentiated pieces. That´s the reason why i have naturally migrated to the communicating field 360º. That¹s right. All those pieces below the line that most people doesn¹t like or doesn¹t have patience to do are all like Disneyland to me. I confess that I face the job on my desk as a first class steak. I love to involve myself in the whole process of production and I have a hand for pieces with devices and proposals, materials, approaches and differentials executions. During the last three years, I have been a BTL Creation Director of Energy, an agency of the Newcomm/Young & Rubican group, working with accounts such as Asics, Vedacit, Nextel, TAM, TAM Viagens, Shopping Eldorado, Mabe and others. I am very easy contacting clients and
operational system inside the agency. Moreover, I have great relationship with suppliers and professionals of the BTL area to start or help completing a team. I have taught classes for the last two years, at Miami Ad School and ESPM. I have a beautiful family, two labradors and I love to listen and play blues. Nowadays I work to Lautert Associados working with accounts such as Bourbon Shopping, SkinMax and Buddemeyer.

Thanks for your attention.